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Connectivity Assumed.
Connectivity Assured.

Reliable indoor cellular coverage can help you make the grade with the
next generation of students

Colleges and universities have a difficult job. They have to service an audience that is constantly changing. As new students enter school each semester, they bring with them all new sets of expectations. And the current students, plus the ones for years to follow, rely on mobile technologies. They expect seamless delivery of wireless services no matter where they are. Without a distributed antenna system that’s something that schools are going to struggle to deliver.

Students aren’t the only ones with connectivity expectations; a growing number of faculty and staff have it, too. That is because connectivity isn’t just about utilizing apps and using data - it also provides peace of mind. When students, faculty, and far away parents are able to reliably make a phone call no matter where they are on campus, they have the peace of mind that they will be able to make or receive calls whenever the need arises. Ensuring connection is possible with a distributed antenna system from Zinwave.

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A Zinwave distributed antenna system amplifies the cellular signals in your campus buildings, giving students and faculty the connectivity they expect, no matter if they are in the dorm room, the lecture hall or a sporting facility. And because a Zinwave DAS can access the full spectrum of common cellular frequencies, there’s no need to add hardware to cover multiple carriers. This is ideal in a multicarrier environment like a college or university. The full spectrum capabilities of a Zinwave DAS also provide the infrastructure needed to access emerging technologies, like location-based services and 5G cellular.

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When the city of Bellevue, Washington needed to improve cellular coverage in an existing building, leaders knew they needed to do more than improve coverage on public safety frequencies. They needed better commercial coverage too. They needed Zinwave.