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Wireless Connectivity
Made Simple.


Reliable in-building wireless connectivity is more important than ever. And improving coverage and capacity indoors doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. With Zinwave’s streamlined distributed antenna system, it is as simple as deploying a total of five components to provide indoor connectivity.

Zinwave’s UNItivity 5000 is the latest innovative, streamlined DAS platform developed to meet in-building cellular and public safety connectivity needs.

With up to 80% space savings and 17% energy efficiency, a built-in power supply for fewer parts and a universal mounting bracket for easier installation, Zinwave’s UNItivity 5000 provides the most cost-effective, most flexible, and highest quality solution on the market.

Zinwave UNItivity 5000 In-Building DAS Solution

Zinwave's UNItivity 5000 DAS solution is simple. That's part of our appeal. Get improved in-building cellular and public safety connectivity with a system comprised of just five total components: primary hub, secondary hub, optical module, service module and remote unit. It's this simplicity that makes the design and installation both easy and flexible, resembling how WiFi infrastructure is installed.

Zinwave In-Building DAS Primary Hub


The Primary Hub provides the interface to the RF sources and converts RF signals to optical and connects via fiber to either additional Hubs or Remotes. The Primary Hub features a unique internal service distribution matrix which provides flexibility in terms of how supported wireless services are routed within a system deployment. This means specific operators or frequencies can be routed to the entire system or to designated sections of the system, depending on requirements.
Zinwave In-Building DAS Secondary Hub


A Secondary Hub connects via a full-duplex optical link to an OpticalModule that is inserted in the front of a Primary Hub. Its purpose is to distribute an RF feed from the Primary Hub to up to 8 Remote Units. A Secondary Hub supports this full 1:8 optical expansion by default, without requiring any additional modules. Power Supply Unit (PSU) functionality for powering all of the attached Remote Units is also integrated in the Secondary Hub chassis.
Zinwave In-Building DAS Service Module


The Service Modules provide the interface to the RF signal source. Up to four can be deployed in a hub, and they are hot swappable, allowing either system maintenance or the addition of operators or frequencies without disrupting service.
Zinwave In-Building DAS Optical Module


The Optical Modules support fiber links from the hub to the Remotes. Up to eight optical modules can be deployed. They are also hot swappable units, allowing for system maintenance or adding remotes with no impact to service.
Zinwave In-Building DAS Remote Unit


The Remote Unit is typically mounted above ceiling tiles or in out-of-sight locations as close as possible to the service area. It converts and amplifies the wireless signal for transmission to or from a mobile device. Like the rest of the system, the remote is a wideband unit capable of supporting all frequencies from 150MHz to 2,700MHz in any combination.
Zinwave In-Building DAS Solution System Architecture


It's just five total components, but it is those five components that make Zinwave different from any other
in-building wireless solution. We call it the Zinwave 3F Advantage.

    A Zinwave DAS solution can support all cellular and public safety frequencies between 150MHz to 2700MHz. Despite what you might hear from other solution providers, we are the only ones who can claim that. While other solution providers are able to support most cellular frequencies, none can provide it without additional investments in hardware and cabling. Not at Zinwave. Even if you initially deploy a DAS solution supporting the signal of only one wireless carrier, adding additional carriers and additional frequencies will not require new hardware.
    Zinwave’s in-building wireless solution uses fiber cabling throughout the system. The fiber cabling serves as the system’s backbone, running end-to-end from the hub out to the remote units. The fiber infrastructure makes our system not only more affordable, but also easier to install. An easier installation means less disruption to regular day-to-day business.
    Because a Zinwave distributed antenna system can support all frequencies from 150MHz to 2700MHz, we design your solution with the future in mind. You may initially want to amplify the signal of just one carrier. But even when your system is designed, the Zinwave solution can easily accommodate for additional carriers and added cellular and public safety frequencies. Zinwave ensures that your new system is ready to accept those frequencies once you decide you need them with no adjustment to hardware necessary.