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Six Key Criteria For Choosing The Best In‑Building Wireless Connectivity Solution

Does Your Building Have The Optimal Solution?

Globally, the reliance on mobile devices is growing, and so is the need for constant, reliable connectivity. Coverage inside buildings – where 80% of calls are generated – is still unreliable, and yet, incredibly essential to our professional and personal lives. A distributed antenna system (DAS) is the best solution. So how does a business, building owner or building manager choose the right DAS to cover employees, tenants, and visitors?

Zinwave's eBook:

  • Introduces DAS Technology
  • Explains Six Essential DAS Criteria to Evaluate
  • Provides Questions to Ask During the Evaluation Process
  • Outlines the Foundation for the Recommended Optimal Solution

Download the eBook, Choosing the Best Solutions for Complete In‑Building Wireless Connectivity: Six Criteria for Choosing the Optimal DAS Solution, to get in-depth information critical to selecting the optimal in-building wireless solution.


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