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Read the In‑Building Public Safety Survey Report

In-Building Connectivity Is Critical In Emergency Situations. Can Your Building Provide The Connectivity First Responders Need?

To better understand what the situation in buildings is and what can be done to improve it, we asked the experts. Zinwave collaborated with the Safer Buildings Coalition to develop a survey, and the SBC worked with their public safety member, the International Association of Fire Chiefs to question first responders about their in-building connectivity experience.

We Asked:

  • Is coverage in buildings adequate to support public safety communication?
  • How will changes in fire codes impact new and existing buildings?
  • How can you ensure that first responders have the connectivity they need during an emergency?
  • How will the deployment of FirstNet affect buildings in your jursidiction?

Download our survey to read the full report about communication obstacles first responders are facing today.


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