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May 17

Zinwave's Private Network Solution

Zinwave is excited about the future of CBRS and OnGo technology.  OnGo is a CBRS (3.5GHz) brand and certification program established by the CBRS Alliance that will allow for the densification of wireless networks, delivering unprecedented speed and reliability. Most importantly, OnGo is game-changing, allowing enterprises to deploy a private LTE network.

In the video below, Zinwave CEO, Scott Willis, explores the business applications and the necessity of deploying an OnGo network. In the subsequent video, Zinwave CTO, Slavko Djukic, explains the technical advantages an OnGo network provides the enterprise over a corporate WiFi solution. OnGo reflects Zinwave’s commitment to bringing the optimal connectivity solution to the enterprise, today and in the future. As OnGo technology emerges, Zinwave will continue to communicate what those developments mean to your business.


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