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February 26

Zinwave Unveils UNItivity 5000 at Mobile World Congress

BARCELONA - Here at Zinwave, customer service is our top priority. When our customers tell us what they want to see in future products, we listen to them!

That’s why we’re proud to announce the next-gen UNItivity 5000 DAS solution at Mobile World Congress. UNItivity 5000 is the result of countless hours of refinement based on customer feedback and evaluation, all to ensure customers have the highest-quality, most cost effective solution possible.

 Headlining UNItivity 5000’s new features is the slim design of the secondary hub. This redesign both physically reduces the amount of space secondary hub units require, and provides for a significant reduction on energy required to maintain connectivity. These benefits are increasingly noticeable as secondary hub units are added to the system.

 We expect customers to see up to 17 percent energy savings with UNItivity 5000, further reducing the total cost of ownership for Zinwave DAS customers. Additional benefits include up to 80 percent in space savings in the IT closet thanks to the slim design and integrated power supply, which in turn leads to easier installation.

 Of course, UNItivity 5000 has all the same patented features that make Zinwave’s DAS the best offering on the market, including our 3F advantage, which guarantees the fiber-based, full-spectrum and future ready service that none of our competitors can match.

 Click here for full details on UNItivity 5000. You can also view the press release here.


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