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September 05

Zinwave at NEDAS 2019: Boosting the Value of CRE Buildings

Since 2010, NEDAS has hosted events that bring together the best minds in the wireless industry to discuss cutting-edge technologies and end-user solutions, all with the overarching goal to “enable communications everywhere.” In a world where a considerable amount of phone calls, texts, and wireless data exchanges are initiated indoors, Zinwave’s goal of providing seamless, guaranteed indoor connectivity aligns perfectly with this vision.

We’re attending the NEDAS 2019 NYC Summit in Midtown Manhattan to learn from other industry representatives, make connections with current and potential partners and customers, and present our own ideas on how to best tackle the issues facing the wireless industry.

    Focusing too closely on the current standard language of the lease can mean building owners are missing out on the unseen benefits of providing wireless coverage as an amenity.

At the center of the conference is a panel discussion titled “CREs and Tenants: What Technology Enablement Solutions Tenants Should Expect from Building Owner/Operators.” The idea that CRE building tenants expect ubiquitous connectivity is part of our own methodology, so I’m excited to introduce this discussion by speaking on the topic of “Rethinking Tenant Services: Factors When Providing 4G and 5G Connectivity.” Some of the points I plan to cover will discuss how building owners can take advantage of current technology to provide new amenities to attract or retain tenants, while also turning their investment into a source of revenue.

In most cases, commercial leases stipulate building owners are responsible for the shell of the building and basic utilities such as power, water, and HVAC, while tenants are responsible for phone, internet and other connectivity services in the leased space. But focusing too closely on the current standard language of the lease can mean building owners are missing out on the unseen benefits of providing wireless coverage as an amenity.

Many CRE buildings, especially those in dense urban areas or remote areas with poor cellular coverage, suffer from weak signals, which will hinder any business where employees depend on wireless service to perform their jobs (and these days, that’s the majority of businesses). By including robust LTE (and 5G, in the future) coverage as part of the lease, the landlord can reduce or eliminate the tenant’s expense to equip their office space for better coverage, while also providing a higher level of security compared with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The benefits to the landlord go beyond making their building a more competitive lease option. Any investment made in this connectivity infrastructure, in the form of a distributed antenna system, could open a new source of income for the landlord, who can resell the wireless service the DAS provides.

Of course, we’re also looking forward to hearing what others in the industry have to say. The event will be rich with opinions and presentations on the future of in-building connectivity, CBRS, public safety solutions and financial considerations. Stay tuned for all of the exciting developments and conversations coming out of the event, and to all those attending, we look forward to meeting you there!

Allen Dixon is Zinwave’s senior director of marketing and partner programs.



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