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February 26

Zinwave Announces Pioneering Network Management System at Mobile World Congress

When it comes to running a business, one thing all managers can agree on is that any investment that keeps business from grinding to a halt is money well spent. That’s why our customers value distributed antenna systems (DAS), which enables business by providing cellular wireless connectivity for the enterprise.

 It’s also why Zinwave developed the UNItivity Network Management System, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. UNItivity NMS provides a layer of transparency for DAS customers and secures the DAS investment by ensuring 99.999 percent system uptime.

 UNItivity NMS is also backed by Zinwave’s new Network Operations Center (NOC) in its Dallas headquarters. From the NOC, Zinwave support staff can provide an additional line of support for customers by monitoring the status of the network and diagnosing any issues that may appear.

 In addition to ensuring uptime and providing monitoring services, the NOC can execute customer requests to reconfigure the system for additional frequencies without the need to dispatch a technician.

 For customers who prefer to monitor their DAS onsite, UNItivity is capable of running behind an organization’s firewall, enabling them to quickly and securely access their network and troubleshoot potential issues.

 With UNItivity NMS, Zinwave customers have the power they need to resolve issues quickly and keep connectivity-dependent business running.

 Please click here for full details on the Zinwave Network Monitoring System, and be sure to check out the press release here.



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