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March 01

Wireless Infrastructure Makes the World Go Round

This Year’s Mobile World Congress has officially come to a close. The event, hosted in Barcelona’s massive Fira Gran Via convention center spanned four days, from Monday through today. And yet, at a show that spanned eight gargantuan halls – each large enough to fit at least one jumbo jet – it would have been impossible to see everything on exhibition in that amount of time.

When we weren’t at the Zinwave booth, we took turns touring the halls, wandering down alleys and discovering as much as we could. The amount of consumer-oriented announcements was staggering. New phones popped up around every corner, smart cars were present in every hall and everywhere there were lines, you could bet there was a virtual reality demo in progress.

But what about the network technology that makes all these things possible? Mobile World Congress would be nothing, after all, if not for the relatively unsung efforts of the network engineers who have been mutilating the electromagnetic spectrum for humanity’s gain since the late 19th century. 

While the last few days have been all about the tech here at MWC, for us, it’s been all about the customer. You may not always see us, but we’ve got you covered. And we’ll never stop trying to find new ways to make the world a better place. We are in an era where communication is our greatest tool, a tool that defines our culture, enhances our understanding of the world and empowers us to do business better and faster than ever before. You might not always have companies like Zinwave at the top of your mind, but rest assured, we always have you at the top of ours.

There’s still lots to talk about, so check back here next week for our post-show recap. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for experiencing #MWC18 with us!


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