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November 29

Why Should You Care About O-RAN

In your journey to find the best indoor wireless solution, you may have heard about various network infrastructure components, like “baseband,” “RF source” and “backhaul.” If you’re not a network engineer, these terms can be confusing.

That’s why it’s important to take a moment to define the concept of O-RAN in simple terms, and in the process we’ll reveal a parallel between wireless carriers and building owners or managers who are seeking to improve indoor wireless connectivity.

To put it in simple terms, O-RAN stands for Open Radio Access Network. “Open” here is the same kind of open that you are accustomed to seeing in “open source,” generally meaning that it’s easy for the end user to source and customize it to their needs. In short, RAN stands for the cellular network components that provide the connection between users and wireless operators.

 With the ability to source, install and connect these components in a faster and more economical way, owners can optimize their indoor wireless solution. Additionally, O-RAN will allow end users to source all required components from a single entity, creating efficiencies in both time and expenditures.

The benefit of O-RAN to carriers is immediately obvious, as it frees up the time, resources and cost spent on obtaining the components - provided they approve the connection of the O-RAN components to their core network.

Of course, the ability to save time, resources and cost for any project is desirable. By design, Zinwave’s DAS solution provides the lowest possible total cost of ownership, and inherently streamlines a DAS deployment, enabling an O-RAN solution.

And there’s another reason you should care about O-RAN.

When commercial cellular carriers want to support deployment of a new technology, it’s a safe bet that the technology is going to become an industry standard. It’s important to know investments made in infrastructure are going to interface with the rest of the network. Carriers are showing great interest in O-RAN, so building owners and managers should expect that it is only a matter of time before this technology will be fully adopted and integrated by the operators.

Both O-RAN and Zinwave’s DAS solution are easily updated through simple software changes to fit an enterprise’s needs. Whether support is needed for just one carrier, or all carriers and public safety bands, a Zinwave DAS is ready to accommodate any current and future connectivity needs.

The wireless carriers are moving towards lower cost technology that allows for simple, rapid deployment - shouldn’t you?


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