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February 28

Why Is That One Red?

As we go into Day 3, one thing is for sure: Mobile World Congress is living up to the show’s reputation for crowds. Here at Zinwave’s bustling booth, one scene we see play out several times a day goes something like this: a visitor examining our new UNItivity 5000 hardware on display points to a device on the wall and asks “why is that one red?”

 The device in question is one of UNItivity 5000’s redesigned remote units, colored red to differentiate it from its white cousin that sits next to it. The difference? The red unit is our public safety model, which includes support for all worldwide public safety bands: 150Mhz, 450MHz, 700MHz and 800MHz.

 The UNItivity public safety remote was developed with the intention to fill the gap in public safety coverage, especially amidst the nationwide adoption of FirstNet and with the municipalities increasingly mandating the need for public safety coverage indoors.

 UNItivity’s public safety remote is NFPA-compliant, NEMA4/IP66 rated, FCC certified and CE marked. It includes an integrated fiber splice tray for easy installation, and it can be equipped with additional shielding to protect it from the elements for outdoor use. The unit can withstand temperatures from -5 to 100 degrees and up to 95 percent ambient humidity.

 Click here to learn more about Zinwave’s public safety solutions. Or better yet, come by the Zinwave booth and see for yourself, “why is that one red?”


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