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June 28

There's a New "As-a-Service" in Town

Let’s look at a scenario where you’ve already decided to modernize your business to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). By this point, you’ve seen the sorts of things enterprises (including your competitors) are doing with IoT applications, you’ve planned how you’re going to take advantage of the technology, and you’re ready to start making investments in your company’s future.

Since you’ve done due diligence in your research, you’re well-aware that the proliferation of connected devices in your network would overwhelm your existing Wi-Fi network, causing a bottleneck that would negate any wireless benefits and undermine your carefully laid plans.

You know what a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is and that it can guarantee the quality of service you need to run your wireless business-critical applications, but maybe you’re concerned about the cost. Perhaps you’ve gotten a quote from some other DAS provider out there and wondered if you could get away with installing a few more Wi-Fi routers and try to run your business on technology from the last wireless era.

But here at Zinwave, we don’t want you to settle for poor connectivity just because you  believe you  cannot afford to invest in wireless infrastructure. We know that providing essential connectivity for the lowest possible total cost of ownership is top of mind for our customers, and that’s why we designed our patented DAS solution to maximize value. But sometimes, businesses must get creative to make improvements feasible.

That’s why we’re the only DAS provider to offer wireless connectivity under the Cellular-as-a-Service (CaaS) plan. CaaS is our take on the familiar “as-a-service” model that’s sweeping the technology industry.

With CaaS, you can convert the capital expense of DAS to an operating expense.  Simply stated, instead of taking a hit to your business’ cash reserves, you can build the cost of DAS into your monthly expenses (where it will probably be offset by the money you’re saving through IoT innovation and productivity).

Additionally, there are other benefits to planning for wireless connectivity using CaaS. Zinwave offers UNItivity Network Management System (NMS) to CaaS customers, providing maintenance and support from the Zinwave NOC. Because our unique wideband solution is capable of providing connectivity in all commercial cellular and public safety frequencies on a single hardware layer, our Network Operations Center can perform remote system configuration adjustments whenever you’re ready to grow, and our watchful team can help diagnose issues and provide 99.999% system uptime.

Whatever your business’ wireless needs are, we are here to help keep you connected and at the forefront of your industry. Don’t let the cost of connectivity diminish your IoT and connected building aspirations; connect with us today and learn how our CaaS model can get you up and running.


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