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February 27

The Talk of the Town: 5G

Earlier today, we discussed the different approaches carriers are taking as they build out their 5G networks. We all understand 5G speeds are a game-changer – but what can we do with all this speed? Aside from the introduction of new connectivity reliability standards for mobile devices, the networking capabilities of 5G will introduce an untapped and enhanced realm of automation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

For one, 5G is bringing virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles closer to an everyday reality, and the way that technology is used in everyday life is being redefined as we speak. Advancements in IoT technologies are often times reminiscent of Hollywood movie gadgets, but the reality of the network capabilities needed to make them possible are now coming to fruition. 

Take Huawei’s demonstration using artificial intelligence this year at Mobile World Congress, for example. Having the ability to use artificial intelligence capabilities of a smart phone to drive a sports car was unfathomable prior to the possibility of network advancements. With companies such as Amazon, Tesla, and Google increasing the accessibility of real-world autonomous vehicles, advanced connectivity within the 5G network is a must.

The same is to be said for indoor cellular wireless; 5G networks will amplify the need for secure, reliable in-building connectivity options to really unlock its productivity potential. If MWC is not a testament to the future knocking, it’s safe to say the future is already here.  Will your enterprise be well-equipped?

It's exciting stuff, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of bringing the technology indoors to our customers. Tomorrow, we’ll be taking on Day 3 of Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest.


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