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August 16

The Melting Pot of Ubiquitous Connectivity

The telecom industry continues to evolve, introducing innovative solutions and deployable assets to bring wireless access to end users as fast as they’ve come to expect and to expand the available network capacity for the end users. Connectivity continues to drive tenant satisfaction and business productivity, leaving building operators tasked with finding the best way to provide the infrastructure to capitalize on speed and reliability. Zinwave anticipated the launch of CBRS to impact the narrative of where in-building cellular was heading.

Not to say we told you so, but we told you so.

Jason Marcheck, founder and principal analyst at Layne Bridge and Associates, said it best when recently referring to CBRS as “one more valuable ingredient in a very complex recipe for ubiquitous connectivity”. Its development has set new wireless standards and introduced enterprises to the opportunity to benefit from deploying business-critical IoT applications across private LTE networks, operating at unlicensed spectrum and higher bandwidths than available with Wi-Fi. However, common carrier and public safety frequencies cannot be neglected in the dawn of CBRS private cellular – interoperability is a must-have, so that end users can fully benefit from the sea of licensed and unlicensed frequencies that are available.

While CBRS provides the security and reliability for IoT scalability and local, private connections, an in-building wireless solution must support access to an outside network from common carriers, as well as public safety frequencies; or end users risk creating essentially an isolated network island. Building operators and tenants alike look to optimize value at every turn, and if a solution neglects any of the varying cellular and public safety bands, the value is lost because investing in additional infrastructure that doesn’t provide that complete interoperability can wreak havoc on the TCO.

Zinwave’s DAS solution is the cook in the kitchen, prepared to incorporate new ingredients as the recipe for the optimal in-building connectivity and ultimate mobility solution is perfected. As the only indoor wireless solution provider taking a holistic view of the enterprises’ wireless needs, Zinwave has become the one-stop-shop for the country’s top businesses in electronics, air travel, and automobile manufacturing – deploying OnGo solutions to take full advantage of the modern connectivity arsenal.

Like Jason mentioned, the industry knows CBRS has an impactful role to play in in-building connectivity, which is why Zinwave is one of the most active members of the CBRS Alliance, working to provide the best solutions for end users. The question isn’t whether CBRS should be a part of your enterprise solution – it’s why stop at the drive-thru when there’s dinner waiting at home – a future-ready, full-spectrum Zinwave DAS solution that seamlessly provides CBRS/OnGo, commercial cellular and public safety connectivity with the fewest components and lowest TCO in the market.


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