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February 01

The complete package – choosing the right DAS for you

Connectivity is a basic human need at this point, just like food, air and water. It has become essential for our personal lives, essential for business and essential for modern society in general not to collapse into an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller.

 Cellular wireless service is dependent on this essential resource. While the benefits of cellular connectivity are often recognized for outdoor use, cellular service plays an important role in our indoor lives as well. In fact, 80 percent of cellular calls and usage is generated in buildings. Again, that’s not all for personal use. Cellular connectivity is one of the most favored methods for communicating among professionals, and its popularity is ever- increasing.

 That’s why many businesses are looking at ways to boost in-building cellular service. Many airports, healthcare facilities, office buildings and businesses are looking at DAS (distributed antenna systems) as an efficient way to bring cellular connectivity indoor to drive their workforces. While DAS is a highly flexible connectivity solution, it really shines for deployments that need to cover 150K square feet or more.

 If you’re looking at DAS to enhance your business or attract talented employees to your company or tenants to your property, you’ll want to shop around for the optimal in-building wireless solution. There are several DAS providers, but not all of them provide the same level of connectivity at a reasonable cost.

 That’s why we’re putting together an eBook that breaks down everything you need to know about DAS solutions. Yes, we’re going to spell it out in terms that everyone can appreciate. From the most network-savvy IT engineers to the least technically-inclined CEOs, our eBook will provide guidance on all of the factors you imagine would go into selecting a DAS, and some that you wouldn’t have thought to consider.

 You’ll have to wait a few weeks before we make the full version available, but we’ll give you a small taste of what to expect .

 For example, have you been reading about DAS deployments that cite how many miles of coaxial cable go into an installation? Ten miles of coaxial cable sounds impressive, right? It must be a pretty solid DAS provider to be able to handle an installation that size. Wrong. All that coaxial cable is a red herring.

 What you should be looking for is a DAS system that uses no coaxial cabling. Why you ask? Well, coaxial cable is cumbersome and expensive. Why would you want a DAS that uses any coaxial cable when you could go with a fully fiber solution? Quality fiber-optic cable is much less expensive, especially when you consider the installation costs how much less interruptive it is to install.

 That’s just one example of noise in the DAS industry – interference of the marketing kind, not wireless. Armed with our eBook, you’ll have all the tools you need to ask questions like an expert. Impress your potential DAS provider by demanding only the best and most refined solutions. After all, an investment in DAS is an investment in your company’s ability to modernize, communicate and operate.

 Keep an eye out for our DAS eBook, coming in just a few short weeks, until then, enjoy our solutions matrix which helps you identify all of the features necessary for the optimal DAS solution!






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