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August 29

Sprint/T-Mobile Decision Affects Building Owners, Zinwave Can Help

Last year, we covered Sprint and T-Mobile’s merger announcement, bringing the third and fourth largest cellular network operators, and their services, together. It’s been a long year of planning and negotiating with federal regulators to approve the merger, but last month the word came through. The Justice Department has approved the proposed deal, paving the way to reshape the distribution of carrier services across the country.

A New Mobile Landscape

One of the less publicized aspects of the merger is satellite TV provider Dish will join the fray and maintain the count of four major cellular carriers in the United States. As Sprint and T-Mobile merge, they will sell off Boost Mobile to Dish and share infrastructure with Dish until the newcomer is able to establish its own cellular network. This arrangement will effectively create the New T-Mobile Network (NTMO). NTMO will be expansive, and include customers from T-Mobile, Sprint and the new carrier Dish, and will provide 3G, 4G, and 5G services across the country.

    NTMO will be expansive, and include customers from T-Mobile, Sprint and the new carrier Dish, and will provide 3G, 4G, and 5G services across the country.

This is the most complicated shift in United States wireless networks in recent history. For most consumers, this should mean higher capacity networks and new carrier choices. Commercial property owners, however, may wonder what this shift means for their planned or existing in-building wireless solution.

A Comforting Solution

For those commercial owners, we offer a comforting message. Don’t let the noise around this merger stop you from deploying a DAS to guarantee coverage for your employees, customers, and tenants. As long as you offer support for all cellular carriers and deploy fiber infrastructure, you will be covered.

Of course, the best way to ensure support for all cellular carriers is by selecting a wideband solution. Wideband solutions can support all cellular carriers and services from the get-go. In the event of an industry shakeup like the one we’re seeing, a simple adjustment to the DAS settings will have you properly configured in no time.

The importance of in-building wireless solutions will always persist. 3G, 4G and even future 5G services will continue to depend on the aid of a DAS to guarantee they reach building occupants everywhere from dense, urban settings to rural, sparsely covered areas. By choosing a solution that supports all current and future services, a building owner can guarantee that coverage for the future, regardless of what the carriers are doing.

Building owners and operators must navigate the wireless landscape to provide their occupants, employees and connected machines the reliable and robust connectivity they need for business. Only one in-building wireless solution supports all those technologies and provides a graceful upgrade to 5G without the wait. Learn more about Zinwave UNItivity 5000 here.



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