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May 24

OnGo Pilot in the Future of Wireless

This week at the Connectivity Expo in Charlotte, NC, we announced a new pilot program with some of our Fortune 100 clients, including a top tier consumer electronics company, a leading domestic airline, and a notable automobile manufacturer. This exciting program brings OnGo technology to these customers, allowing them to establish their own private LTE networks, and effectively giving them a test drive of the latest wireless technology advances in the enterprise space.

The customers participating in the pilot program are the first to use our DAS OnGo offering, one of two products we announced at the Connectivity Expo. The second product is a standalone OnGo small cell, suitable for our customers who are looking for coverage in a smaller area.

This week’s announcement follows a demonstration by our very own CTO, Slavko Djukic, at the CBRS Alliance meeting show, where he validated the technology by using it to stream 4K video wirelessly. The CBRS technology now goes by the brand name "OnGo", meaning wireless technology working in the CBRS spectrum.

So why are we so excited to enable our customers to deploy OnGo-powered private LTE networks? Because it’s an essential component for enterprises who want to utilize the internet of things (IoT) and wireless connectivity for business-critical applications.

For the modern enterprise, the adoption of IoT enables businesses to work more effectively and efficiently. However, as this technology has continued to evolve, Wi-Fi has fallen behind in its ability to support its progression. This is where private LTE networks have come into play, by providing companies the ability to scale their business as they see fit.

Private LTE networks supported by OnGo equipment allow for higher quality wireless connectivity. In an increasingly digital and mobile era, OnGo is set to meet the needs that Wi-Fi has been unable to deliver. It will densify wireless networks and deliver speed and reliability not seen on Wi-Fi networks. On top of that, Zinwave’s capability to operate a private LTE network with interoperability with common cellular carriers and public safety frequencies will allow businesses to extract maximum value from IoT and business-critical applications.

For example, healthcare facilities will benefit from the deployment of private cellular networks within their facilities by enabling accurate inventory tracking of supplies and real-time, reliable data transfer when it comes to exchanging patient information. Airports can also reap the benefits of private LTE networks through enhanced security screening processes and more efficient luggage tracking.

We’re extremely proud of the OnGo pilot program we’ve rolled out with our Fortune 100 customers. These private LTE deployments, powered by our OnGo DAS system, will demonstrate the value of quality connectivity across the enterprise. If we can handle deployments like those required by our Fortune 100 customers, we can handle any deployment, anywhere.


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