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September 13

OnGo in the Future

This week is the second annual Mobile World Congress Americas, bringing the industry together to discuss and showcase the future of innovation for mobile communications. With its main theme being “Imagine a Better Future,” the show will have much to do with 5G and delve deep into how CBRS (and OnGo) plays into the connectivity toolbox for enterprises moving forward. The continued development of 5G wireless networks has driven the way in which we communicate, while offerings on the CBRS band have introduced private LTE sooner than anticipated – right now. If we are to “imagine” what’s on the horizon for mobile technology at this year’s show, we’ll first need to understand what is already here.

 OnGo technology has opened the door to a new realm of connectivity possibilities, providing the means for enterprises and organizations to deploy private LTE networks in order to empower current and future IoT deployments. The significance of enterprise-grade OnGo is the access it provides to unlicensed CBRS areas of the spectrum, allowing businesses to deploy private networks. A network solution of this scale allows for best-in-class, internal wireless connectivity that empowers business-critical applications in the mobile-first world of today.

Of note at MWCA this year, the CBRS Alliance will be presenting in a segment titled Catch the OnGo Wave, which will update attendees on how the technology has progressed over the last year. It will dive into how the vast possibilities of CBRS will enable operators, managed service providers, and enterprises in 2018 and beyond. Experts from AT&T, Charter Communications, and the FCC will be joining the presentation to provide further insights on just how impactful OnGo has become in the industry already.

Understanding this significance, Zinwave took the initiative to become the first DAS provider to incorporate the Federated Wireless Spectrum Controller. By doing so, Zinwave dramatically streamlines OnGo deployment and management, making our DAS the only complete, interoperable, end-to-end solution for all cellular, public safety and CBRS needs, at the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. 

OnGo is sending ripples through the industry and setting the standard for end-user expectations. It provides the enterprise-grade reliability and security businesses require while being able to surpass the connectivity limitations of Wi-Fi. Mobile World Congress Americas will preview the impact the technology will have on the wireless infrastructure of an organization in the modern day.

Zinwave isn’t just imagining a better future – it has already created one.


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