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June 07

O2 Spectrum Expansion: How Will It Impact Your In-Building Wireless Solution?

The wireless industry is moving at such a fast pace, and it is essential for businesses to utilize technology that can keep up with changes. Ideally, this would be done without costly and disruptive upgrades and updates. For example, last year, T-Mobile shook up the U.S. telecommunications landscape when it acquired the license for new low-frequency 600MHz spectrum. What did that mean for businesses that use Zinwave as their in-building wireless DAS solution?  It meant they were prepared to utilize the newly available 600MHz band.

As of April 2018, O2 in the UK, was  awarded 2.3GHz  spectrum as well as 3.4GHz spectrum. As a public cellular network, the expansion has both immediate and future implications. The 2.3GHz spectrum provides immediate 4G LTE improvements, while the 3.4GHz spectrum can be utilized for the rollout of 5G or private networks.

By the end of April, O2 was operating 100 2.3GHz capable cell towers in London alone. Within in 9 months, they aim to have 1000 2.3GHz cell towers nationwide, making them a more competitive carrier. Equally compelling is the 3.4GHz expansion, which will have particularly interesting uses for enterprises looking to run business-critical wireless and IoT applications. These results from the latest UK auction of spectrum validate that it is top-of mind for many carriers all over the world.

What makes this important to DAS users? DAS systems are an investment, and if the system chosen doesn’t cover all frequencies in a single hardware layer, it will cause costly upgrades on top of the initial deployment cost. It is important to consider the following questions: Is there an incremental cost to adding more frequencies? Will that impact existing systems? And, what about the next time there’s a shift in wireless coverage?

Zinwave’s patented DAS technology is the only solution that allows the network to be configured for all common public safety and cellular frequencies from 150MH-2700MHz on a single hardware layer. This means businesses can easily update their DAS with a simple software upgrade- no additional capital expenditure is needed for the update.

When T-Mobile added 600MHz across much of the country last year, Zinwave customers were able to take comfort knowing that they only needed a simple software adjustment (which could be executed remotely in many cases) to accommodate this major change. No other DAS solution offers this kind of flexibility and capability to grow as technology evolves.

O2’s spectrum acquisition is another example where we see the wireless industry changing in a blink of an eye, highlighting the advantages of Zinwave’s DAS technology. Zinwave takes into account that trends are constantly changing, and we’ve created a wideband DAS solution that easily adapts to future connectivity needs. So, when it comes to enabling wireless connectivity for your business, why not make full, future ready coverage a top priority?


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