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February 08

Next Gen DAS Will Be More Attainable Than Ever

Here at Zinwave, our mission is to deliver the best indoor cellular wireless connectivity possible to businesses that depend on it. We’re not the only DAS provider in the market, but our UNItivity DAS is the most refined and highest quality solution available today. And our next gen DAS solution will be even better.

 Unfortunately, people naturally associate high quality with high costs. However, UNItivity is an interesting case that defies this common perception. We find that every time we make DAS better, it maps back to a total cost of ownership savings.

 Take our patented 3F advantage for example. UNItivity uses only high quality fiber optic cable between the main hub and access points. Using high quality fiber optic cable actually saves on installation costs, not only because fiber optic cable is less expensive than coaxial, but also because fiber is easier to manipulate and can be installed with less effort (often the building’s existing fiber network can be used!).

 The same applies to our full spectrum support. We designed UNItivity to be capable of supporting all cellular and public safety frequencies on a single hardware layer. That’s something no other DAS can claim, which also saves on costs by protecting customers from additional hardware purchases and installation fees.

 Finally, the future readiness of supporting a wide range of frequencies means that upgrades to accommodate the rapidly changing wireless industry comes in the form of simple software updates, rather than expensive equipment overhauls. With the adoption of new standards, new spectrum, and even new government mandates, UNItivity customers know they’ll be covered.

 We’re proud of the DAS solution we’ve built for our customers, because no matter which way you look at it, our DAS solution excels. When it comes to indoor cellular connectivity, we’ve created a simple formula that puts the variables of quality and cost savings on either side of the equals sign.

 That’s why we’re looking forward to this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we’ll be announcing updates to products and services that will provide reliable indoor cellular wireless connectivity to businesses at reduced costs.

We can’t say just yet what we’re going to reveal, but you can bet it’s going to be good news for businesses looking to optimize their connectivity solution for the lowest long-term costs. Keep an eye out for Zinwave news on February 26, the first day of the show. And if you happen to be with us in Barcelona, don’t forget to come by booth 5J51 to see firsthand what the future looks like.


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