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February 26

Mobile World Congress is Underway!

Day 1 of Mobile World Congress is officially in the books, and if today was any indication we’re in for a great week. Every year, Barcelona is host to Mobile World Congress, a massive conference where the wireless industry meets to show off the latest and greatest technology on offer. Zinwave kicked off the show by announcing our new UNItivity 5000 DAS solution, and we followed that up with news on our UNItivity Network Management System  .

 We’ve already seen the latest flagship phones from several manufacturers, and we’re looking forward to getting hands-on with new smart home products and seeing the latest applications for the industrial internet of things (IIoT) in the coming days. 5G is also a big story, so we’ll be checking out emerging trends in the future of internet infrastructure, from networking equipment to the formation of new standards.

 And because this is a Mobile show, after all, we’re noticing the amount of connected devices here vastly outnumbers the amount of people in attendance. That’s saying something, considering MWC tends to draw crowds upwards of 100,000. More importantly, almost all of them are in use at the same time.

 That’s no small technical feat. Just a few years ago, the chances of getting a wireless connection when the hallways were this packed were about the same as a snowflake’s in hell.

 There are so many people here you can’t see one end of the hall from the other, and yet, few of us are left wanting for connectivity. That’s thanks to advances in indoor cellular technology, like our very own UNItivity distributed antenna system (DAS).

 As this year’s MWC plays out, look out for all the dazzling new wireless technology and ask yourself: how much of this would work if I couldn’t depend on my indoor wireless connection?



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