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August 08

Join Zinwave at APCO 2019

Next week, Zinwave is exhibiting at APCO 2019 in Baltimore to meet with other members of the public safety industry. The APCO convention serves as an annual venue to update the communications industry on the latest business, technology and policy developments. Attendees come from everywhere and represent first responders, integrators, vendors, service carriers, public safety media, and even the FCC.

The public safety communication industry is rapidly transforming. Changes to IFC and NFPA requirements, for example, have improved safety for building occupants and the first responders who enter them, but building owners and designers have to take extra considerations to implement them properly. In addition, the public safety world is transitioning from simple voice communication supported by land mobile radio (LMR) to the data-driven LTE standard.

Fortunately, the Zinwave solution supports all of these recent technical developments, meaning past and future customers are assured stability in the midst of this change. By keeping up with these changing standards, a Zinwave DAS not only protects building occupants and public safety workers who respond to incidents in those buildings, but also enables new ways for those workers to respond more effectively. Benefits like inter-department communications so that police and firefighters can work together, and data-enabled information such as mapping and location sharing, are game-changing technologies. Plus, with Zinwave’s ability to deploy in single buildings or entire campuses, owners can guarantee robust public safety communications regardless of scale.

    A Zinwave DAS not only protects building occupants and public safety workers who respond to incidents in those buildings, but also enables new ways for those workers to respond more effectively.

Zinwave looks forward to talking to both existing customers and organizations with interest in our solutions. At industry events like this, we enjoy putting our ears to the ground and listening to the top concerns and priorities of the people who work on these systems every day.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a featured speaker at the Distinguished Achievers Breakfast and will be followed by FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at the Food for Thought Luncheon. We’re very much looking forward to hearing their updates, as they will no doubt be outlining communications priorities and informing the industry about the latest regulatory changes.

We’re also excited to hear from operators Verizon and AT&T about how they plan to use their networks to support first responders. AT&T is supporting the national FirstNet public safety system, making the entire network’s spectrum available for emergencies, and we’re interested to hear more about the ongoing rollout of the system.

APCO’s own chief counsel and director of government relations, Jeff Cohen, will no doubt have a highly informative session as well. He will be presenting his annual update on APCO advocacy priorities, which will effectively communicate the most urgent issues as reported from the boots on the ground, and set the tone for how the industry can address them.

It will also be interesting to hear former NFL Head Coach Brian Billick’s keynote presentation. From his previous role as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Coach Billick knows what it’s like to take in multiple simultaneous and often conflicting streams of information, analyze them, and then react to the situation. It should provide an intriguing parallel between one of the nation’s favorite pastimes and the situations first responders find themselves in on a daily basis.

Finally, we congratulate all the award winners being recognized at APCO 2019. You and your agencies exemplify the dedication, innovation, and sacrifice required to ensure public safety communications continue to meet the requirements of the mission, and have in your own ways made us all safer for it. We look forward to seeing you at the show; stop by booth #352 to meet the team!


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