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April 04

Higher Education Powered by Connectivity

Students, faculty and administrators expect wireless access, regardless of where they are on campus. The ever-increasing demand for connectivity is due not only to the changing ways we live and learn, but also in the number of devices used to accomplish those tasks. Historically, students arrived on campus with two or three mobile devices; today that number is eight or nine. Reliable connectivity is an expectation, not an amenity.

The most reliable and proven solution to the demand for connectivity is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which guarantees connectivity for indoor spaces. The Zinwave 3F Advantage—Full Spectrum, Fiber Based and Future Ready—enables college campuses to support all commercial cellular and public safety frequencies from 150MHz to 2700 MHz on a single hardware layer. Because the system is fiber based, installation is simpler, less expensive and extends to multiple campus facilities. Additional carriers and frequencies can be added in the future without costly hardware upgrades, making Zinwave the most future-proof solution in the market.

Keeping a Campus Safe

    As campus safety is a primary concern for parents, students and administrators alike, reliable connectivity is essential.

As campus safety is a primary concern for parents, students and administrators alike, reliable connectivity is essential. Issuing emergency notifications and ensuring that messages can be delivered to students immediately, regardless of which building they are in, is critical. Not only does in-building coverage enable urgent communications to students, but it also ensures that first responders sent to those buildings can communicate effectively, unhindered by spotty connections. Additionally, due to the rollout of FirstNet, the first nationwide public safety network that will provide a guaranteed level of service for first responders, supporting those frequencies will be mandated.

College is Collaboration

College campuses must be prepared for emergencies, but they also face the challenge of handling mobile communications between thousands of students, faculty and administrators on a daily basis. The wireless network must be capable of supporting the myriad devices and activity on it. The ways which instruction and learning have evolved demand robust in-building wireless connectivity.

Collaboration is a necessity in modern college programs. Reliable connectivity ensures that students can collaborate both inside and outside the classroom through instant messaging and file sharing tools, creating learning spaces virtually anywhere on campus. Faculty rely on mobile devices to make course materials accessible, as platforms for course related projects and for homework assignments. College campuses today must be live, connected ecosystems where students and faculty can interact effectively, regardless of where they are on campus.

Connectivity is Critical

College is more mobile than ever, meaning campuses must be more connected than ever. Students, faculty and administrators rely on mobile devices for improved learning and campus-based experiences. Zinwave’s DAS solution ensures that reliable connectivity will always be available, and that campus environments are safe and collaborative.



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