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May 30

Funding your DAS Deployment

An amenity is something that is useful or luxurious, but is optional. Perhaps ten years ago, wireless connectivity was an amenity. This is no longer the case. The dependence on wireless connectivity has become such an important part of our lives that it’s unfathomable now that we should have buildings like hotels, hospitals or commercial real estate that do not guarantee it.

Most building owners or construction planners are aware of this. But for those in dense urban areas, in structures with a large footprint or areas where it is traditionally difficult to get a wireless signal (like a basement), additional infrastructure has to be considered to provide this utility. Many see the value of a distributed antenna system (DAS) in this endeavor, but one of the most important considerations of wireless connectivity is how to fund it.

    Many building owners or construction planners see the value of a distributed antenna system (DAS) in areas where it is traditionally difficult to get a wireless signal, but one of the most important considerations of wireless connectivity is how to fund it.

Zinwave offers multiple options for this investment, and has dependable industry partners and an expert staff to help customers find the best fit for their individual needs. We find our customers appreciate having these options available to them, as many of them appreciate guidance on investing in DAS as a capital expense or as an operating expense.

For those who wish to own their DAS, Zinwave has several partners that can assist with funding connectivity as a capital expense. For those who are only interested in service, or for those who are looking to own a system and manage it through an operator, Zinwave can provide connections to several third party operators.

Zinwave can connect customers seeking the latter option to a number of selected partners specializing in this service, known as Cellular as a Service (CaaS). In addition to using CaaS to convert funding of DAS from a capital expense to an operating expense, Zinwave’s CaaS partners offer a network monitoring component that helps customers guarantee maximum possible network up-time. This service is a great option for building owners and operators who are looking to provide connectivity without shouldering the burden of maintenance or management.

In addition to helping customers decide if they should own a DAS or use CaaS, we look at several other factors that help us provide the best financial planning possible. For example, different customers have different types of service needs. Will the deployment require commercial cellular only, or would employees benefit from support for two-way radios as well? Is there already support in place for public safety communications? If not, how should it be implemented? Our representatives also look at other important factors, such as the size of coverage needed, how urgently support is needed, and if the customer is looking for long term support.

We understand that prospective DAS users have a lot of questions about how they can provide essential wireless connectivity. With the wide range of funding options that Zinwave can bring to the table, we’re happy to say our customers usually find that such a solution is surprisingly affordable and within reach. To find out the best funding option for your wireless connectivity solution, just give us a call.


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