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February 28

Excuse Me, Does Your Yacht Get Any Bars Here?

The weather in Barcelona the week of Mobile World Congress has certainly been vexing! One day it might be the sunny, if brisk, winter weather you might expect on the Mediterranean, and the next day it’s snowing!

But the next time it’s pleasant outside, one might wander down to the marina to see the vast armada of yachts harboring on Barcelona’s coastline. You may not see it unless you’re looking for it, but there’s a fair chance that many of those yachts are sporting Zinwave’s UNItivity DAS solution!

As it turns out, UNItivity is uniquely well suited for applications on yachts. Why? Zinwave’s patented wideband technology allows UNItivity to operate on all common wireless carrier frequencies, which is particularly useful if you’re traveling from one region to another with entirely different cellular network operators and different frequencies. That means the ability to cover any cellular band you will ever need on a single hardware layer, enabling seamless transitions as our customers travel from port to port.

Also convenient is the fact that UNItivity is easy to install, especially our recently announced UNItivity 5000 DAS. When space on the ship is tight, UNItivity 5000’s slim hardware design minimizes the amount of space needed. UNItivity is fiber based from end to end, meaning that installation avoids bulky coaxial cable in favor of more flexible fiber. Not only is the fiber easier to route, but it takes up less space and can fit in places where coaxial can’t. Just like the wind in the sails, this makes installation a breeze for both old vessels and new!


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