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February 07

Do You Know What Best-In-Class Connectivity Is?

The adoption of new technologies like the internet of things (IoT), and the promise of 5G networks and the devices to run on those networks are driving forces in today’s wireless world. New devices deliver more power, new apps demand more data, and robust connectivity will be required to support the new use and business case that come from these new technologies.

Being part of the wireless industry means keeping pace with the industry, and for our customers, buying wireless technology requires confidence that the investment will stand up to years of development. This holds especially true for corporate buyers, entrusted by their organizations to deliver good investments that help the company grow and stay technologically relevant relevant and squeeze the most benefits of new technology advances.

That’s why Zinwave’s unique and patented in-building connectivity solution is designed to provide the best cellular (4G, 5G and private LTE) and public safety connectivity, while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. With all the exciting developments in the wireless industry today, let’s take a moment to outline why a Zinwave DAS is unrivaled in its ability to deliver best-in-class, future-ready, scalable connectivity:

The Zinwave 3F Advantage: Fiber Based, Full Spectrum and Future Ready

Fiber Based: The fiber cabling that serves as Zinwave’s backbone runs end-to-end from the system hub to the remote units. This infrastructure makes a Zinwave DAS not only more affordable, but also easier to install – meaning less disruption to regular day-to-day business. Through this architecture, we are able to provide building owners and managers the ability to create a cost-effective, complete wireless ecosystem to help drive the way guests and tenants utilize technology.Fiber is a key component of new technologies, which are set to use frequencies not suitable for coax cabling.

Full Spectrum: A Zinwave DAS supports all cellular and public safety frequencies, and is the only in-building wireless solution that can support all frequencies from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz on a single hardware layer at once, on the first day. That means that the addition of other carriers or public safety frequencies in the future can be performed through simple software updates, not costly hardware upgrades.

Future Ready: Zinwave’s full-spectrum DAS is designed with the future in mind – serving as the only in-building wireless connectivity provider with a solution that can take on the ever-changing technology landscape. As 5G gets closer to becoming a reality, our all fiber DAS will support the higher speeds and lower latency promised with the next generation of mobile networks, as well as satisfying evolving public safety requirements and interoperability between private and public LTE networks.

  A Zinwave DAS provides the robust connectivity required for today’s commercial cellular and public safety demands, and will enable the enterprise to unlock the benefits of IoT and 5G in the days to come.

Public Safety

Communication is key to safety, as it helps first responders communicate with each other in emergency situations. Having public safety infrastructure that allows for interdepartmental communications isn’t just the responsible thing to do – it’s also becoming the law in many municipalities. As public safety codes evolve and FirstNet requirements are implemented, building owners will be required to support the frequencies that enable first responders to communicate while inside buildings. A Zinwave DAS supports those frequencies today, eliminating the need to add hardware as the mandates are rolled out.

Cellular as a Service and Network Management Solutions

Cellular as a Service (CaaS) is an offering for building owners and managers who need to enable indoor connectivity but don’t want to budget for new wireless infrastructure as a capital expense. CaaS provides flexibility while guaranteeing connectivity by allowing owners to build connectivity into their operating budgets. This service enables companies to create efficiencies with wireless-dependent technology like IoT applications at a price they can afford.

With the Network Management System (NMS) Zinwave guarantees a company’s investment in connectivity. By monitoring client networks in our network operations center, Zinwave ensures that customers maintain 99% uptime, and can provide offsite assistance and maintenance when required.

Zinwave is the only indoor connectivity solution provider that can offer all of these advantages in a single package. Not only does this make for the most complete wireless connectivity offering, but Zinwave’s ability to provide a complete, end-to-end solution makes it the easiest to install and, therefore, provides the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

A Zinwave DAS provides the robust connectivity required for today’s commercial cellular and public safety demands, and will enable the enterprise to unlock the benefits of IoT and 5G in the days to come.



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