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December 20

DAS Dream Build: Enabling Connectivity at the North Pole

Everyone knows the week before Christmas sends businesses into overdrive, with retailers and shippers scrambling to fulfill orders during the hectic season that we call “the holidays.” But perhaps no one feels the crunch this time of year more than Old Saint Nick and his elves at the North Pole.

And who could blame them? Running a business 90°north of the Equator, where winter temperatures get as low as minus 40 degrees, poses some interesting challenges to the world’s biggest toy maker. Working behind thickly insulated concrete walls, or even underground, wreaks havoc on cellular signals, and modern elves depend on their mobile devices for everything from work productivity to managing their personal lives. Sure, they need to monitor their cloud-based production lines and check off assignments on that teamwork coordination app Santa just invested in, but they also want to keep up on toy industry news, make calls and send texts to their friends and colleagues, and do a little online shopping of their own during lunch breaks.

Additionally, Mrs. Claus is insisting that Santa support wireless connectivity on the frequencies used by the elf first responder units. If he can ensure that these little heroes of the North Pole can communicate with each other, on both individual and interdepartmental levels, Santa will be able to support the safety of his elves while also bringing the facility into compliance with FirstNet requirements.

Santa relies heavily on his highly skilled labor force. He can’t afford for his elves to go on strike or look for a different employer who cares more about enabling their mobile connectivity and bringing safety practices into the 21st century. When you have a workforce that can get as testy as these elves (let’s face it: being sequestered with the same folks year-round, with no opportunity for vacation or travel, would make anyone a little disgruntled), it’s important that you do everything you can to keep them satisfied, especially when it comes to providing connectivity.

  Santa realizes that any investment he makes in connectivity needs to be ready for the future of wireless technology, whatever it may be.

And Santa understands more than anyone how fast technology moves these days. It was only a few decades ago that a finely crafted wooden horse would delight any child; now kids demand the latest smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. Santa realizes that any investment he makes in connectivity needs to be ready for the future of wireless technology, whatever it may be.

That’s why he’s decided to go with a Zinwave DAS (Distributed Antenna System) to support connectivity for his workers this coming season. It’s the only indoor wireless solution ready to tackle the wireless needs of both today and tomorrow. With patented wideband capability, Zinwave’s DAS can support any configuration that Santa needs. And if first responder standards change, or if Santa decides to switch the elves’ company phone plan provider, Zinwave can perform a system update quickly and remotely, without having to equip an engineer with a team of huskies and a sled for a costly on-site excursion.

Zinwave’s DAS is a proven solution used by some of the world’s most recognized brands. If it can work for them — and for the world’s largest toy manufacturer — it will work for you!

From your friends at Zinwave, enjoy the magic of the season and we hope to ‘connect’ with you in 2019.


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