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August 02

DAS Dream Builds: First Responder-Batman

Today’s blog post is the third edition of our DAS Dream Builds series, where we take a look at some extraordinary DAS applications that reflect how critical it is to have reliable indoorellular connectivity.  We’re going to explore how even the Dark Knight himself needs reliable connectivity to do his job.

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical Gotham business owner. What starts off as a normal day at work quickly goes awry when the Joker decides to pay a visit. You know he’s not there to calmly ask you and your employees about the company’s latest services and deals. So, you do what any Gothamite would think to do - activate the Bat Signal.

Once activated, Batman should see the signal and come to the rescue. At this point, the Joker will probably have you and your coworkers surrounded and moved to a different part of the building, in an effort to throw off the Bat, since he’s not a rookie in this scenario.

This shouldn’t be an issue though, since Bruce – I mean Batman – will have his wireless earpiece in, receiving building specifications from Commissioner Gordon to determine the layout of the building before he even enters. From there, he should be able to use his handy Cell Phone Sonar Device, which uses the signals emitted from everyone’s cell phone,  to detect where exactly in the building the Joker has taken everyone. Once the location is pinpointed, he should be able to use his remote control Batarang to safely knock out the Joker and his gang, successfully saving everyone in the office.

Batman was able to utilize his high-tech tools, and save the day, thanks to Gotham City’s public safety regulations. Like many municipalities across the country, these regulations mandate that building owners ensure their properties receive adequate wireless public safety coverage.

A Zinwave Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can support both public safety frequencies as well as commercial cellular frequencies associated with common mobile device use. Their DAS brings outdoor signals into the building by way of a base station, and then distributes those signals through a hub to various access points throughout the building. This creates a seamless connection and makes it an ideal solution for a building’s wireless connectivity needs.

Now imagine this same scenario, but without a reliable solution that supports public safety frequencies. The moment Batman arrives, he might lose his radio connection with Gordon, and be forced to enter the building blind, unaware of its layout. Additionally, he wouldn’t be able to utilize his Cell Phone Sonar Device and would, therefore, be required to search room to room, floor to floor, to locate everyone.  Upon finding you, he may have to abandon the stealth method, since he won’t be able to properly control his Batarang, and instead face his foes, by himself, in a fight. Without any of his devices, the chances of Batman even finding you, let alone saving you, become much slimmer.

Let’s not forget, without his high-tech gadgets, Batman is only human. His tools are his “super powers,” making him more similar to your typical first responders than you may initially think.

Not having a reliable in-building connection can be critical in times like this. Even if you’re not living in Gotham City and relying on Batman, real world first responders, like your local firefighters, police, and EMS also rely on mobile devices and technology during their rescue missions, giving them these “super powers” too.

However, in a recent survey of first responder organizations’ in-building connectivity experience, more than 65 percent of respondents said they had experienced some sort of communication failure within the past 24 months inside a building or some other kind of structure while responding to an emergency.

Thankfully though, much is changing in the in-building wireless industry to better meet the connectivity needs of first responders, so EMS, Firefighters, and Batman alike can use technology to its fullest capabilities and ultimately save the day.

A Zinwave DAS is the only wireless solution that can support public safety frequencies while simultaneously providing public and private cellular connectivity on a single hardware layer. To learn more about public safety and requirements, visit the Safer Buildings Coalition. To learn more about how to cater to all of your building’s wireless needs, check out our DAS solution page, or get in touch with us.


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