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September 27

Class in Session-Connectivity Powers the Future of Education

Modern education has been dramatically transformed through the increased integration and use of technology. Not only has the way in which instructors communicate the material to students become increasingly digitized, but the way in which collaborative learning environments are set up has become centered on technology as well. More than ever before, students use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to follow along with course material or to gain access to online resources. Given this shift in the way lesson plans are created and utilized, strong wireless connectivity is essential in order to accommodate the way learning now takes place. Long gone are the days when overhead projectors were the most advanced technology in the room, and institutions must evolve.

By solving for reliable wireless connectivity that enables students to access course materials and resources, educational facilities are taking the appropriate steps to enable the student body, faculty, and staff to communicate most effectively. While learning tools heavily rely on wireless access, public safety communications must also be considered on campuses when solving for connectivity solutions. The ability to support the technology found within classrooms, while also solving for cellular and public safety connectivity, are now essential considerations when introducing new digital tools within campus environments.

In the event of inclement weather or an emergency situation, individuals must have the connectivity to receive notifications in real time. Imagine if dangerous weather is heading toward a university, leading to the precautionary evacuation of certain floors or buildings on campus. With a high volume of cellular connections being made at any given time, not every student and faculty member may possess strong enough network access to receive push notifications in due time, leading to possible confusion and potentially dangerous scenarios. Additionally, reliable connectivity is critical for first responders arriving on the scene to manage these emergency situations. To effectively communicate with one another, they must have reliable wireless connectivity regardless of the situation.

In an era where the adoption of technology within education is becoming increasingly crucial to facilitate the learning experience, a connectivity solution that provides the necessary bandwidth and reduces latency issues to support scalability is essential. Zinwave’s DAS solution provides the reliability and access that Wi-Fi is unable to support. With the ability to cover all of the college and university’s wireless needs, Zinwave supports the connectivity conducive to an ideal learning experience and critical for keeping campuses safe.


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