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May 31

Choosing the Right Distributed Antenna System-the Infographic

A few months ago, we talked about how connectivity is now a basic human need – much like food, air and water. Indeed – think about what happened the last time you didn’t have mobile connectivity, such as in a crowded venue or building. It’s frustrating, and it’s understandable. We rely on connectivity to stay in touch with what’s important to us – whether it’s work or play.

It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking at ways to boost in-building cellular connectivity. Why not Wi-Fi, you might ask? Quite simply, when you need to cover more than 150,000 square feet, there’s no comparison to a robust Distributed Antenna System (DAS). In fact, having reliable connectivity is becoming a factor when it comes to employee attraction and retention. Our own Workplace Connectivity Survey showed that cellular connectivity is one of the most preferred ways of communicating among professionals for productivity, so catering to wireless needs is a must.

So, then: how do you choose the right DAS solution for your business? Glad you asked! We’ve put together our collective expertise to develop an infographic that breaks down what you need to know in an easy to read format. So what can you expect? You’ll want to check out the infographic below, but we highlight the six most important criteria when choosing a DAS system, as well as how Zinwave stacks up against other solutions on the market.

Spoiler Alert: The best solution is Zinwave.

Only Zinwave deploys full end-to-end fiber cabling, which reduces installation costs. Some DAS providers will boast about their miles-upon-miles of coaxial cabling that goes into their installs. But don’t believe the hype – the future is fiber! Fiber is easier to install, carries more data, and results in a more reliable install.

While we’re discussing competitor offerings – only Zinwave offers the ability to support all carriers, public safety and OnGo frequencies on a single hardware layer. This means that if you decide to only install support for 2 wireless carriers, you can easily upgrade with additional carriers and public safety solutions in the future with a simple software upgrade – no additional capital expenditure needed for more hardware. This is important because installing a DAS solution is an investment, and you don’t want to be limited down the road when you need to add new technology or additional frequencies.

Here at Zinwave, we believe in arming customers with as much information as possible to ensure they have the knowledge to demand only the best solution for their needs. So please take a minute to download the solutions infographic here for an at-a-glance view of the features that make up the best DAS solution.  And stay tuned for our much anticipated Six Criteria for Choosing a DAS Solution eBook that takes a deeper dive into what you need to know when choosing a DAS system.








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