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June 14

Choosing the Right Distributed Antenna System-the eBook

We’ve established that wireless connectivity has become a basic human need. All over the world, people rely on smart devices to get work done, check in with loved ones, and even for public safety. Not to mention the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects aspects of our home, healthcare, and other parts of our daily life that we never would have considered years ago.

For building owners, it is clear that having a wireless in-building DAS solution is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity. Consider that our recent Workplace Connectivity Survey showed that cellular connectivity is one of the most favored ways of communicating among professionals. And that 80 percent of all cellular communications originate indoors.

That’s why we developed our new ebook, “Choosing the Best Solution for Complete In-Building Wireless Connectivity: Six Criteria to Look for in a DAS.” As with any large expenditure, we know buyers need as much information as possible to make an educated decision. Additionally, finding the most important information in one place is challenging.

So, we’ve done the legwork for you. Our new eBook breaks down everything you need to know in a comprehensible format. You’ll want to download the eBook here, but check out the chapter listing below:

  • •  What is a DAS?
  • •  Six Key Criteria to Look for When Choosing the Optimal DAS Solution
    •       1:  A DAS Should Grow With You
  •       2:  A DAS Should Use All-Fiber Infrastructure and Be Simple to Install
  •       3:  A DAS Should Save Space
  •       4:  A DAS Should Provide the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  •       5:  A DAS Should Support Public Safety Frequencies
  •       6:  A DAS Should be 5G and Private LTE Ready
  • Not to spoil the ending, but Zinwave is the only in-building solution that can answer all of these questions with a resounding “Yes.” For example: 

•  Zinwave supports all major carriers’ spectrum and public safety frequencies on a single hardware layer. This means there won’t be expensive upgrades when you need to add additional carrier support in the future.

•  Only Zinwave is full end-to-end fiber. This is the preferred cabling because it has no bandwidth limitations and is easy to install.

•  Zinwave uses significantly less space than competitors. With only 5 components, the required space is inherently less.

•  Zinwave offers the lowest TCO. Future-ready, full-fiber, and full-spectrum means lowest cost expenditure over time.

•  Zinwave supports all public safety frequencies. Only Zinwave supports all major public safety frequencies on a single layer, such as VHF, UHF, and FirstNet.

That’s just one example of the wealth of information in the eBook. So please take a minute to download our free eBook here. In the meantime, check out our our infographic for an at-a-glance view of the features that make up the best DAS solution.





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