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October 08

CBRS and the Future of Indoor Wireless

After six years of development and collaboration with private and public entities, the CBRS Alliance held its official launch event on September 18th to announce the availability of the CBRS spectrum for commercial operations. OnGo service has been known for the last couple of years as a brand name for private LTE/4G. This service will indeed be deployed in the CBRS band.

Launching the future of connectivity

FCC has announced June 25, 2020 as the date for the public auctions of apportion of this CBRS spectrum. Incumbent players (such as the Department of Defense), private 4G as well as the commercial 4G and 5G, will all utilize a flexible, shared model for allocating wireless spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band, which was previously designated for military radar applications. After the work developing the processes and procedures behind the rollout, CBRS Alliance's ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the official beginning for companies to start installing networks in the unlicensed portion of the band, referred to as the General Authorized Access (GAA) tier.

Arriving at this point was no trivial feat...

    The CBRS plan represents an entirely new model for spectrum sharing, unlike anything else in the world.

...it required the coordination of multiple U.S. governmental entities, including the Department of Defense and the FCC. The CBRS plan represents an entirely new model for spectrum sharing, unlike anything else in the world. Not only will it serve as a blueprint for future wireless services in the U.S., but it will also drive significant innovation given the democratization of a highly prized mid-band spectrum.

An exciting new era of possibilities

CBRS band opens the door to a new realm of connectivity possibilities, providing the foundation for enterprises to deploy private 4G networks and empower current and future IoT deployments, as well as for the wireless operators to add additional spectrum for their 4G and 5G coverage and capacity needs, that will, in turn, benefit the enterprises as well. Zinwave's patented ultrawideband RF over fiber in-building connectivity solution stays on top of industry-related developments⁠—and the CBRS announcement is no different.

The official availability of the new CRBS spectrum validates the trials we’ve been conducting in the mid-band with multiple services and applications, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds as new and existing players find exciting ways to use the “Innovation Band”. Learn more about Zinwave's solution.



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