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July 18

Bringing Connectivity to the Courthouse

Anywhere there is a cluster of state buildings, you are likely to find a courthouse nearby. Courthouses are a staple of modern government, but their unique construction requires special wireless considerations.

The confidential nature of the proceedings requires soundproof interior construction, and since it’s common to have courtrooms on multiple floors, these dense materials are common throughout the structure. As a result, coverage for radios and cellular devices tends to be inhibited. This is particularly problematic in a building where police officers, bailiffs, and other employees need to communicate via two-way radio and it also causes connectivity problems for the general public.

Unfortunately, many governments do not recognize these issues until the construction project has been completed. If they’re lucky, they will catch the issue near completion. Fortunately, a Zinwave Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is easy to install and solves these exact problems for courthouses and other public structures by bringing wireless connectivity into the building and distributing it through a series of antennas built throughout the building’s infrastructure. In fact, Zinwave actively works with government bodies to provide indoor connectivity with recent public venue projects under its belt.

In the latest example, Zinwave fitted a courthouse in the last stages of construction with the necessary DAS to support commercial cellular, public safety, and internal two-way radio coverage in just 3 months while keeping the project within budget.

Keeping Courthouses Safe and Connected

Safety and security are two top priorities when operating a courthouse. Courthouse personnel working in the building use two-way radio to communicate throughout and the ability to communicate within a courthouse becomes critical when an emergency happens. By installing a DAS, courthouses can support the internal radio communication between courthouse security while also supporting connectivity for police, fire, and EMS if necessary. When wireless coverage is ubiquitous, safety concerns can be addressed more quickly and the fallout from any kind of mishap can be mitigated.

Supporting the Increasingly Mobile Public and Workforce

The need for reliable connectivity will only continue to rise. This holds especially true in public buildings like courthouses as governments embrace digital transformation, and members of the public will continue to place heavy demands on connectivity as they move in and out of government buildings with their own connected devices.

By implementing an in-building wireless system that facilitates both coverage and capacity at an affordable price point, officials can have confidence that the system will support all the necessary wireless services and that both employees and the public will be satisfied with the coverage.



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