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February 27

Are You Ready for 5G?

Everyone is talking about 5G here at MWC18, and it’s often one of the first things visitors to the Zinwave booth ask us about. With some operators announcing 5G rollouts as soon as this year, attendance at MWC practically requires that you have something to say about 5G.

Roger Cheng, the executive editor for CNET, captured what was going on in the heads of many Mobile World Congress attendees with his tweet about 5G at the show. Standing in practically the same spot, you can see massive signs advertising exhibits on 5G technology from some seriously big industry players.

 The 5G deployments we’re going to see in North America in the next couple of years are a sort of upgrade to existing networks. Depending on who you ask, you could call it 5G, or you could call it “precursor 5G,” or even the evolution of 4G LTE.

 In fact, a Reuters story on Cisco’s push into the wireless radio market included a quote from an Ovum analyst who observed, “an operator can deliver much of the functionality of 5G, with up to 85 percent of its features, today.”

 After such an intense focus on 5G this year, any prospective DAS customer should be asking themselves if they’re investing in a system that won’t be obsolete within the next couple of years.

 When 5G starts rolling out in in these select markets over the next couple of years, Zinwave customers know they’ll be covered because of UNItivity’s full-spectrum, future-ready advantage. With advances in carrier aggregation, combined with additional spectrum in the 3.5-6GHz frequencies coming to market, UNItivity customers will only need a simple software upgrade to reconfigure their networks. No costly upgrades and no expensive additional equipment required!

 Check back for more views and trends, live from MWC18!


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