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September 12

Apple’s iPhone Announcements: New Features are About Creating Better Experiences

If you lost the middle part of your work day today to the live Apple product announcements, you’re not alone. We did too, and we have some thoughts about the new iPhone 8, the new iPhone X, the new cellular-enabled Apple Watch, and what these products might mean for you as a business or building owner.

We could do a deep dive into the new features and capabilities in these products, but that seems like something best left to others. Although, adding cellular capabilities to the new Apple watch seems like a huge leap forward and something that businesses should take particular note of.

Many of the new features weren’t necessarily business related, although you can argue that more powerful processors means these devices can now do more and do it faster. What you did hear from each of the presenters were a few words repeated over and over. Words like “easy” and “intuitive” and “experience.” Today’s product reveal was about making each device more seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, more than they have ever been.

Here’s why you should care. When something is easy to use and provides a seamless experience, it becomes something you don’t put down. It becomes part of you, part of your routines—both at work and at home. 

It’s something we are already seeing and experiencing, and with products from companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Fitbit, GoPro and more creating devices that become must-have parts of our lives. And these trends won’t end anytime soon.

What trends? The ones that Zinwave discovered in a recent survey. We asked more than 1,000 U.S. office workers what communication methods they preferred to use and how frequently they used them. Of those respondents, nearly 63 percent said that they use their cell phones on a daily basis to call vendors, clients and partners, while roughly only about 54 percent use their desk phone for the same activities. As a matter of fact, nearly the same number of respondents (53%) said they used text messages to communicate with clients, vendors and partners on a daily basis as used their desk phones. 

The most popular method of daily communication? Email. So, in order, that’s emails, cell phones, desk phones, and text messages. All four are used on a daily basis by more than 50 percent of respondents, but one of those things isn’t like the other. With a cell phone, your employees can make phone calls, they can check emails, and they can send and receive texts—three of the top methods of communication all accessible in one device. If you think cell phone use in the office for business tasks is going to slow or plateau, you’re wrong. And now with a new Apple watch your employees will have one more device that they can use for calls, Dick Tracy style. 

Apple and other cellular device manufacturers are focused on creating a more connected world. With these fun features, like better cameras, animated emojis (or, as Apple prefers, animojis), and wireless charging, Apple is turning our phones from luxuries into necessities, and they are doing it because we’ve asked them to. We’ve embraced every innovation so far. Who would have thought 5 years ago that we’d be paying for coffee with the swipe of our phone, but we are—happily. 

As our phones become easier to use and as manufacturers make sure they become more and more integrated into our day to day lives, both at work and at home, it will require connectivity. That’s where businesses and building owners should be focused now, because if they can’t ensure that the workers who prefer text messages and cell phone calls can actually use their devices in the office, they might soon have no workers to worry about at all.

To learn more about office workers changing communication preferences and what you need to do to make sure you can support them, download our survey.




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