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The Impact of Unreliable Connectivity for First Responders

The Impact of Unreliable Connectivity for First Responders

by James Martin April 19

It’s inevitable – first responders need reliable technology to effectively do their jobs, especially when it comes to in-building wireless connectivity. Picture this: you’re a fire chief who just received a call from dispatch about the 78th floor of a skyscraper – you’re aware that something has caught fire, but you don’t know specifics. On the scene, your team has set up a command center on the first floor to communicate next steps, but you’re having trouble connecting to them. You need to communicate with people outside of the building to pull up floor plans and coordinate additional support. Now what? You’re in bind. You don’t know the conditions you will be walking into, you don’t know if anyone is hurt and you’re not even sure how intense the situation is.