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The State of Cellular Connectivity in the Workplace

Discover How Unreliable In‑Building Connectivity Impacts Your Tenants' Needs

Zinwave recently asked 1000 U.S. office workers about their experiences with in-building wireless at work - how often they experience connectivity issues, who they blame for it, and the impact on their work. The results send a clear message to owners, managers and developers of commercial properties that providing reliable cellular connectivity at the office is imperative and creates a clear opportunity to add value and reap short- and long-term ROI.

Main Takeaways For CRE:

  • Commercial tenants increasingly expect building owners to deliver high-quality coverage
  • Mobile "not-spots" hurt employee morale and company reputation
  • Younger workers are complaining the loudest, pushing employers to seek mobile-friendly office space
  • Connectivity has a direct impact on tenant satisfaction and lease-up rates

Download our survey to understand more about how unreliable in-building connectivity impacts your tenants' needs.


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