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Reliable In‑Building Cellular Coverage Is Crucial

Discover How Unreliable In‑Building Connectivity Impacts Tenants' Needs

Zinwave recently asked 1000 U.S. office workers about their experiences with in-building wireless at work - how often they experience connectivity issues, who they blame for it, and the impact on their work.

80% of calls originate indoors, but many tenants can't connect

This sends a clear message to owners, managers and developers of commercial properties that providing reliable cellular connectivity at the office is imperative and creates a clear opportunity to add value and reap short- and long-term ROI.

People are beginning to look beyond the carrier when laying blame for poor indoor coverage. In the past, a building or business owner could shrug shoulders and point to the carriers when employees complained about spotty indoor cellular coverage.

As was pointed out earlier, that’s changing. Carriers are passing the responsibility of better indoor coverage off to the building owner; and according to our survey, so are the people who are complaining.

The right in-building connectivity solution can not only ensure employees have the connectivity they expect today, but also provide businesses the infrastructure they need to support the technologies of tomorrow.

Download Zinwave's Cellular in the Workplace survey to understand more about how unreliable in-building connectivity impacts tenant satisfaction.

Main Takeaways

  • Commercial tenants increasingly expect building owners to deliver high-quality coverage
  • Mobile "not-spots" hurt employee morale and company reputation
  • Younger workers are complaining the loudest, pushing employers to seek mobile-friendly office space
  • Connectivity has a direct impact on tenant satisfaction and lease-up rates
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