UNItivity - The single solution for converged wireless and IP communications

Zinwave’s UNItivity universal wireless platform provides cellular and public safety access services, delivering
an end-to-end all fiber solution on a single converged system within a building or venue. Zinwave’s unique wideband architecture supports any service mix, protocol or modulation scheme from 150MHz to 2700MHz.

UNItivity comprises just a few core elements – a Hub, Service Module, Optical Module and Remote Unit. And the system’s network infrastructure is standard structured cabling, broadband single mode or multi-mode fiber. This means system design and installation is a simple and straightforward process, with minimal disruption to business operations.

The system supports a number of configuration topologies, making UNItivity extremely flexible. Small venues to very large facilities and campuses can be easily and cost effectively supported. This, coupled with UNItivity’s wideband attributes makes system growth for both coverage of additional areas or buildings, or for adding support for new frequencies, wireless operators or services, easily achievable at a minimal cost.

Zinwave Corporate Brochure (swf)

Zinwave Corporate Brochure (pdf)

Key highlights

Universal wireless solution, supports multiple wireless services simultaneously

  • Cellular
  • Public Safety

Wideband capability in a single system

  • 150MHz-2700MHz

System simplicity and flexibility

  • Only 4 basic system elements
  • Single star or double star topologies

Standard enterprise cabling infrastructure

  • Fiber (MMF/SMF) from headend to antenna
  • Easy to install, not disruptive
  • Low cost

Flexible and future ready

  • No extra system hardware required to add new operators or frequencies later
  • Supports both FDD and TDD