UNItivity - The single solution for converged wireless and IP communications

UNItivity, our universal wireless access platform is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for providing future proof in-building wireless coverage. UNItivity integrates our unique wideband DAS technology with IP capabilities to deliver an end-to-end solution that supports wireless services and IP data on a single, converged infrastructure.

UNItivity supports any service mix, protocol or modulation scheme between 150MHz – 2,700MHz on the same system. Its low component count and straightforward architecture, available in single or dual star configurations, allows you to propagate multiple wireless and IP services using Single Mode (SMF) or Multimode (MMF) fiber networks.

UNItivity is modular in design, flexible and scalable so you can quickly upgrade or add new services to your system without needing any hardware replacements or cabling refits, offering future-proofing advantages and delivering rapid ROI.

UNItivity offers backward compatibility with existing Zinwave DAS deployments to ensure optimal use of investment.

Zinwave Corporate Brochure (swf)

Zinwave Corporate Brochure (pdf)

Key highlights

  • Wideband - 150MHz-2700MHz frequency range
  • Fiber based-low cost, low weight, low space
  • PIM resistant -all frequencies in any mix simultaneously
  • Full MIMO - all frequencies in any mix simultaneously
  • TDD and FDD -any mix, any frequency
  • Future-proof - supports any service mix, protocol or modulation scheme
  • Low component count - facilitates deployment, reduces costs
  • Major MNO approved - install safe in the knowing the carriers will connect
  • One-layer system-for in-building wireless and IP applications
  • Flexible - Support all cellular and all public safety bands