Case Studies: US Baseball Stadium

The Challenge

A major US sports stadium with 52,000+ seat capacity required improved coverage for UHF, facilities 2-way radio and public safety services. A multi- service system that can cover the large distances, and the specific UHF radio services utilised by the facility, was required.

The Zinwave Solution

The Zinwave system provided a total coverage solution for all the required services with its Wideband Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Other fibre- based DAS systems being frequency or service dependent are unable to support the UHF channel plan with TX/RX channel pairs separated by 5MHz,and interleaved with other services. The Zinwave system with its non-filtered separate DL and UL paths supported this specific UHF services easily.

The large distances to be covered called for fibre cabling, such as utilised in the Zinwave active RF over fibre distribution system. Coaxial cable distribution, with its much higher RF losses and higher installation costs would be quite prohibitive in this type of location. The Zinwave system utilises fibre distribution all the way to the small discrete remote units feeding the antennas.

Furthermore, with its service independent platform, Zinwave's solution is easily and cost effectively upgradeable to include additional future wireless services if and when required.